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Rémy and Max on the wild Lost Coast of California

Rémy and Max on the wild Lost Coast of California


I've been making things since the day my parents dumped a bucket of LEGO's in front of me.  My innate desire to create only grew as I built RC (radio-controlled) toys as a kid, captained my high school's FIRST Robotics team and spent most of my college career building race cars with Formula SAE.

After graduating with a Mechanical Engineering degree from UC Davis, I spent a decade learning and growing as a product designer and mechanical engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area. During that time I was listed as an inventor on over 10 patents and specialized in pushing emerging technologies towards consumer ready devices.. 

My time at IDEO (one of the world's premier design firms) was uniquely valuable, giving me a chance to work across numerous fields and essentially provided an informal master's degree in human centered design. It taught me how to identify and listen to users to create a product that solves their needs.   I pride myself on my ability to strip an idea down to the essentials to ensure that the end product is simple, useful and gimmick free.

When I'm not working or playing in the great outdoors, I'm still designing and building.  As a founding member of the FoldHaus art collective I've helped create two amazing sculptural installations for Burning Man and beyond (including the Smithsonian of all places!).  We are currently deep into the design process for our latest piece, RadiaLumia, which has allowed me to explore new manufacturing processes and design on a scale that I've never worked with before.

After working for a number of crazy-paced startups, I needed a break, so I built myself a van and moved into it for a year and a half with my partner and my dog.  We traveled all over North America indulging in the activities that keep us healthy (if not completely safe): Skiing, Biking and Climbing.  You can check out our adventures and misadventures through @MobyGotMoves.

We ultimately decided to settle down in Reno, which offered us everything we needed: consistent sunshine (she's from Seattle), proximity to the mountains, and a good airport so that we have access to clients and opportunities wherever they may be.